Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My venue provides a “coordinator”, do I still need you?

Answer: Yes. Venue coordinators are generally in charge of anything that has to do with the venue itself whereas our coordinators are in charge of all of the vendors and the guest experience. If you ask any venue coordinator you will find that they prefer you to hire a coordinator as well to make your day as happy and stress-free as possible.


Question: As for the coordination package, do I get to meet the coordinator before my wedding day?

Answer: Yes, most definitely! Our coordination package includes eight hours of meetings (usually done on the phone or via zoom) as well as one design meeting at the venue. 


Question: How many coordinators will be at my wedding?

Answer: All of our packages include one lead coordinator and one assistant. If you have a guest count over 175, have your ceremony and reception at two different locations, or have your event at an estate we require an additional assistant. Please email us for more information. 


Question: Will you set up our decorations?

Answer: Heck yes! We will set up most things that our couples want to display. Vendors are responsible for their own decor (floral, rentals, etc). 


Question: Will you help us with our timeline?

Answer: Absolutely! We will help you create a comfortable and realistic timeline. This is the best way to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible! 


Question: Do you run our rehearsal and dinner?

Answer: All of our packages include coordinating the rehearsal. Dinner planning and orchestration is only covered in our full-service package. 


Question: I am planning my wedding in California but I live out of state, have you worked with someone like me before?

Answer: Yes, all of the time! We have worked with many couples from out of state or country and it’s surprisingly easy with Zoom and Google Drive!


Question: Can you help us save money?

Answer: Yes, we can definitely help you save money or at least use it smarter. Weddings can be expensive but with experts like us, we can help you make better-informed decisions. 


Question: How early should we hire a coordinator?

Answer: As early as possible! For our coordination and partial planning clients, we do require our clients to book their venue before signing a contract with us. Full-service clients generally hire us right after they get engaged but we can jump in at any moment. 


Question: A wedding coordinator is expensive, can’t my family or friends help out?

Answer: Technically, yes. Realistically, no. By having your friends and family do the tasks of a coordinator before or during your wedding they are not able to fully focus or enjoy your wedding day. Also unless they are in the industry there are many small things that can be missed or forgotten. 


Question: Why should we choose SBWE?

Answer: Well because we are awesome! We are a fun group of smart, experienced, detail-oriented women with a knack for making dreams come true! 


Question: Are your prices negotiable?

Answer: For our set packages the prices are not negotiable but we always offer the option of creating a custom package that is just right for you!