Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

Planning a wedding is hard! We were stressing and worrying about everything… Then along came Sierra, with her can-do attitude and calming presence, making things work out smoothly and everyone feel good! Sierra was helpful in so many ways, thinking of everything, and always being right there when I needed something. She really went out of her way to make sure everything went just the way I wanted, and I am so very thankful for that!

In the pre-wedding process, she was a gem. I was really impressed with her communication, she didn’t bombard me with emails, but I was always sure she was there, on track, helping me through… a hard medium to land on. She even took on some last minute DIY projects I was lagging on, and executed them much more nicely than I could have. The wedding weekend she was incredibly organized from the get-go. She made great info sheets that had all the contact information of everyone involved in the wedding for easy communication that weekend (ensuring I was not the hub of communication on my wedding day… Yes!).

The day of the wedding she calmed my jitters and even blotted away my tears just before stepping into the church. Without her I would have been such a mess!

She is professional, creative, super incredibly sweet, and a joy to be around! I couldn’t have been happier, and would recommend her for any event!!! -Megan Fox, Huntington Beach, California


Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

We were so fortunate to have Sierra assist with the planning and coordination of our wedding! From the moment we booked our venue, she was in constant communication with us with regards to getting everything in motion for our big day. My wife and I are not the party/event planning type, and procrastination really gets the best of us–Something Borrowed to the rescue! Sierra was there to keep us on track the entire way, all the way up to the day of.

Sierra brought her high energy throughout the entire adventure of planning a wedding with us, and we were so appreciative of her email updates and checklists of what still needed to be done for the wedding. She was flexible with her availability to meet in person to go over all the little details. She even offered her assistance the weekend of to help out with last minute details and all the pintrest-type DIY stuff that really makes a wedding shine. When the wedding weekend finally arrived, Sierra and her assistant Erika really kicked it into high gear with getting everything and everybody’s schedules coordinated, from the caterers, to the wedding party, and even our officiant, Sierra was professional and highly organized. Sierra’s professionalism and “can-do” attitude was a breath of fresh air throughout our wedding planning–she really put us at ease and reassured us that all our hard work would pay off for the wedding, and it really did! Without her, our wedding wouldn’t have turned out as awesome as it did. -Mike Akop, Glendale, California

Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

Let me start this review off by saying that SBWE is absolutely amazing. My fiancé and I began planning our wedding about a year before the big day. I have planned large events before and my fiancé is very organized and detail oriented. We thought we could be one off and plan everything to a tee. It seemed like everything was a breeze. We took care of the big-ticket items and the small details but as the wedding was coming near, the wedding as a whole did not seem complete. This is where Sierra came in. She bridged the gap between the big and the small, as well as the simple to the complicated. This is where her experience really came into play. She just had a feel for the event planning and more specifically, wedding planning. That is the major difference. Add on top of that, the joy she puts into her craft and it’s a recipe for success. We had a few meetings and she picked up where we left off and organized everything. She created a timeline, contact list, shot list, and so on. She took off a lot of pressure from us so my fiancé and I could just enjoy our day. Then came the day, where we realized that we were getting married. We do not know how we could have gone through the day without Sierra and Erika. They took care of everything. Any problem that arose, Sierra or Erika was there to put the fire out. They made sure the wedding flowed nicely and seamlessly. Whenever there was an issue or my bride was not feeling well, I just called on Sierra and she was there to save the day. It felt so comforting to know that there was someone there who we can trust and has the leadership abilities to make things happen.  We highly recommend Sierra, Erika, and the rest of the SBWE team because they made our best day truly that and more. Thank you. -JanChase Charifa, Brea, California


Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

Something Borrowed Weddings and Events helped me to have a perfect and stress-free day. They were able to handle my wedding of 200 with incredible detail and finesse. I was worried they would be overwhelmed, but they managed to handle all of the events at the wedding, engage in multiple wardrobe changes, eat without missing a beat as well as make sure all of the other vendors had a moment to take a break without their presence being missed.

While I only used Something Borrowed for day-of coordination, Sierra offered so much more then I could have imagined and ensured my day was flawless. Prior to the big day, Sierra was available for multiple consultations, particularly when I was having a nervous breakdown about the fine details for the day-of. She made time for me to contact her and ask her questions whenever I needed a calming down session for weeks leading up to the big day. Sierra and Erika were prepared and preempted any issues I was concerned about with a packet of easy to fill out paperwork to help them help me. They actually thought of every possible detail that was necessary, or could become necessary. Their preparation allowed me to enjoy my day with ease. So often people complain they were so busy on their wedding day they don’t remember it, Sierra and Erika gave me the gift of wonderful memories because I knew everything was handled.

Sierra and Erika came early and stayed late. They were open to any task, including a bra transfer from my brother-in-law to the mother of the groom! They ran errands, helped with decorations, organized photos and kept us on time throughout the day. I felt so confident in their ability to put out any fire and they certainly did.

I would highly recommend Something Borrowed and I would certainly use them again for future events. They made my wedding day the best it could be and I am eternally grateful. -Cynthia Allred, Bakersfield, California

Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

Sierra was a more than a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. I was one of those brides that put off hiring a coordinator and the minute I hired Sierra I wish I had done it sooner. She listened to what I wanted without pushing me into her ideals, but was also ready with solid suggestions when I needed them. She took the initiative and found solutions to some of my dilemmas and I wasn’t expecting her to do these things so she definitely went Above and Beyond. Sierra loves what she does and it shows. She was organized, easy going and worked well with all different personalities, wishes and opinions. This was above all, the saving grace for me; to not be bothered with all that stress the day of and the days prior. There was some snafus the day of, as there always are, but she handled them like a professional, because that’s what she is. -Cierra Codron, Sonoma, California

Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

We wanted to have a simple and smooth but memorable wedding, and Sierra & Company made it happen! Sierra and Erika (our day-of coordinator) met with us a few months before the big day, went through the whole process and provided many good tips. This meeting alone was extremely helpful – we learned many things that would have taken us much longer to realize. They also gave us a very handy wedding planning booklet with loads of great information. In the lead up to the big day, Erika touched base with us regularly to check on progress and to ask if she could help. She also met up with us a couple more times to go over the schedule and help plan table placement, order of events, dances, etc.. Her realistic insight into what would work and what would not was invaluable at that stage. On the day of the wedding, she brought her assistant Tiffany to help out and we were so glad she did. We only had access to the venue on that day, so we had to prearrange supplies and decoration pieces to be ready to go in the morning. Erika and Tiffany showed up bright and early, helped us transport a large portion of the supplies and remained at the venue all day to ensure that everything was ready on time. We greatly appreciate all of their hard work that day and are so pleased that we chose them to help plan and coordinate our wedding. They were very flexible and professional. They don’t take over, but instead guarantee that your vision is realized. They go above and beyond to ensure that your event goes according to plan.   Daniel Merthe, San Francisco, CA


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