Something Borrowed Weddings and Events by Sierra Baxter

Let me start this review off by saying that SBWE is absolutely amazing. My fiancé and I began planning our wedding about a year before the big day. I have planned large events before and my fiancé is very organized and detail oriented. We thought we could be one off and plan everything to a tee. It seemed like everything was a breeze. We took care of the big-ticket items and the small details but as the wedding was coming near, the wedding as a whole did not seem complete. This is where Sierra came in. She bridged the gap between the big and the small, as well as the simple to the complicated. This is where her experience really came into play. She just had a feel for the event planning and more specifically, wedding planning. That is the major difference. Add on top of that, the joy she puts into her craft and it’s a recipe for success. We had a few meetings and she picked up where we left off and organized everything. She created a timeline, contact list, shot list, and so on. She took off a lot of pressure from us so my fiancé and I could just enjoy our day. Then came the day, where we realized that we were getting married. We do not know how we could have gone through the day without Sierra and Erika. They took care of everything. Any problem that arose, Sierra or Erika was there to put the fire out. They made sure the wedding flowed nicely and seamlessly. Whenever there was an issue or my bride was not feeling well, I just called on Sierra and she was there to save the day. It felt so comforting to know that there was someone there who we can trust and has the leadership abilities to make things happen.  We highly recommend Sierra, Erika, and the rest of the SBWE team because they made our best day truly that and more. Thank you. -JanChase Charifa, Brea, California