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Eco-Friendly Weddings: Catering

Welcome back to our Eco-friendly wedding journey!

Today, I would like to talk about food! Food is a guest favorite at pretty much any event, so when it comes to catering your wedding, you should take your job very seriously. Catering is also usually the biggest section of your budget and for good reason! You are planning to feed and hydrate your closest friends and family and that does not come cheap. As with most decisions in wedding planning, however, I do believe you should always put yourself first! I have collected a series of questions that you should ask yourself and/or your potential catering vendors to identify their Eco-Friendly processes and if they fit your expectations. 

  • Is this vendor sourcing their food and supplies locally and sustainably? 
    • Is it a priority for the vendor to support local farmers? 
    • Where do they get their produce from (saving emissions and possible toxins from transportation on long routes is always a plus)?
  • Is their food frozen, fresh, organic, and/or seasonal (their answer is hopefully more than one of these)? 
  • Do you want to have an entirely vegetarian or vegan event? If not, can you make one of the options a meatless choice for your guests?
  • Does this company use reusable dishes and flatware? If not, can they?
  • What other plastic items do they use that you can either cut (i.e. straws, paper napkins, stirrers) and/or replace with something more sustainable (compostable or bamboo plates and utensils)?
  • Does the vendor prioritize recycling? If so, how do they maximize this at an event, and is composting food and vegetable scraps a possibility?
  • What happens with your leftovers, can they or you donate them?
  • Does the bar exclusively use glassware for drinks so that you don’t waste any plastic or paper?
  • Does this vendor buy their drinks in bulk or can they for your event (ex. Kegs over Bottles)?
  • Do their desserts come in individual plastic containers? If so, can they substitute them for glass or can you choose a different dessert?

Wedding planning can be challenging but making it personal to you is all that matters. If reducing your event’s carbon footprint is a priority for you, then be patient and diligent and your event will come together in exactly the way it was intended! Feel free to comment below on ways you have seen people go eco-friendly with their wedding! 

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