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Eco-Friendly Weddings: Stationery

Welcome back to our Eco-friendly wedding journey! As you plan your wedding, you might be wondering how to approach wedding stationery in a sustainable way. As we all know, picking your Save the Dates (STDs for short) and Invitations are important because it lets your guests know what to expect on your wedding day. What better way to make a statement than to make a sustainable stationery choice! 

Below we have listed some resources for the two main routes one can take with Invitations and STDs: sustainable printing and paperless. When thinking about which option to choose, consider your guests, their age range, and whether they will be able to navigate an online platform.

If you are at all concerned about your event’s budget, going with an online option can save you a ton not just on costs, but also in time. In general, when you send out Save the Dates, you are paying for the card itself and postage (Postcard $.35 or regular $.55) per guest household. This final cost can seem reasonable but becomes a lot more complicated once we get to Invitations. In general, sending paper Invitations means paying for the Invitations themselves, envelopes, RSVP cards, RSVP envelopes, and stamps for both cards. This is normally the minimum cost, but does not consider hiring a calligrapher to address the envelopes or if you buy a personalized return label stamp or stickers, and any costs that come with special sizes or shapes of the envelope.  A lot of my clients ask if it is tacky to send online invitations and my answer is always: who cares! It is your wedding and your choice. If you would like to save money, trees, and a lot of hassle, you should do so! Don’t forget you could also do a hybrid and have a website with electronic invitations but have a few printed for those guests who aren’t fans of technology. 


Here are my two options for going Eco-Friendly with your wedding stationery: 

Print Your Invitations with Eco-friendly companies. Here are some of my favorites: 

Go Paperless! 

By going paperless for your wedding stationery you can save trees, money, and time! Here are some of my favorite companies: 

  • Greenvelope: Eco-friendly company creating a real-life experience of opening an invitation.
  • Riley & Grey: Modern designs for chic-minded couples.
  • Evite: An easy to use platform with traditional designs. 

Thank You Cards

A friendly reminder to those of you who haven’t grown up with a Thank You Card obsessed mother like mine, it is culturally required of you to send a Thank you Card to anyone who gives you something for your Wedding, Bridal Shower, or Engagement Party. These add up! Most of the resources above can give you a sustainable source for sending a thank you card/note to someone.

Thank you for following along with us on this Eco-Friendly Wedding journey! Feel free to comment below with your eco-friendly wedding ideas!

All images are by Studio XIII Photography.

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