Eco-Friendly Wedding Series

Eco-Friendly Weddings: Registry

When trying to make an eco-friendly registry there are a few routes one could take. I have noted them below with some information that might help you pick the right path for you and your partner. 



Nowadays people are living together before they get married so they don’t need to register for as many household items. Most clients are preferring to do a non-tangible registry where guests can donate money for their honeymoon or a downpayment for a house. The most popular way to do this is to attach a Honeyfund Registry (or a similar program) to your wedding website. 

Nursery Registries: 

If you are planning on doing any big landscaping projects in the future you can set up your registry with a local nursery. This is a great way for your guests to contribute to the future life you are creating. 

Charity Registries: 

If you would prefer not to receive anything for yourself you can link a charity to your registry for your family and friends to support in your honor. I recommend using for this. 

Gift Registries: 

For those of you looking to register for goods for your home, I recommend using eco-friendly companies that you can link to a registry website. The Zola website, in particular, is great for this! 

I also recommend writing a list of all the items you want/need before registering. You should go through the list and see if there are items that can be made with a more sustainable material, are more energy-efficient, will help you cook and eat more healthy and waste-free meals or any items that can be replaced with non-toxic materials. 


Becoming more eco-friendly in your home and lifestyle is a constant effort. By creating a registry that fits your lifestyle you will allow your guests to donate or give you something you truly care about. Feel free to comment below on ways you have seen people go eco-friendly with their wedding! 


Post notes: The feature photo for this post is my husband and I on our honeymoon! Thank you Honeyfund!


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