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Wedding Rehearsal FAQ’s

* All the common questions we get about planning a wedding rehearsal! *

Q: Who do we invite?
A: We recommend inviting anyone participating in the ceremony to the rehearsal. This includes bridal party members, flower girls, ring bearers, immediate family, and the officiant.

Q: What time do we plan for our rehearsal?
A: This depends on your venue. Most people like to do their rehearsal exactly 24 hours before their wedding ceremony. This is not necessary but nice. Plan whatever time works best for you and your guests. Ask your guests to arrive 15 minutes before you plan to start your rehearsal. We will be starting on time to get you to your dinner on time.

Q: Do we need to do our rehearsal at the venue?
A: No, this can often be hard to schedule as some venues do multiple rehearsals a weekend. Our team is willing to do rehearsals anywhere you like as long as they are in a safe and legal location. Please feel free to ask us more about this!

Q: What time do we plan for our rehearsal dinner?
A: Rehearsals usually take 45-60 minutes. We recommend planning your rehearsal dinner 90 minutes after your rehearsal starts (adjust for longer drive times).

Q: Do I need to bring anything to rehearsal?
A: Your officiant might request you to bring your marriage license but other than that no. If you would like to bring any props you will be using for the ceremony that would be helpful but not necessary.

Q: Do we have to have a rehearsal?
A: No. The minimum we require is virtually meeting with our couple and the officiant. Anything more than that is up to you!

Here is a good resource for planning your rehearsal dinner.

A photo from my wedding rehearsal in 2018!

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